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9/03/20 The Post Office and I have come to an agrement. I can send stamped parcels so long as they are less than 1/2 inch thick. CDs fit that description.

2/1/20 In my opinion, the MiterSet tool is the easiest to use, most accurate way to set up miter angles for cutting segments on the table saw. No more hours spent in calibration. No more fixing "gaposis". During a recent 5-day class, we cut 19 more perfect rings; a BIG time saver. Click here to visit miterset.com and learn all about it.

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Below are links to some of the plans for my segmented projects that you can view, print, and use as you like. All of these sample plans were created using my Segmented Project Planner. It has been a tremendous help in making my projects go faster and smoother. Although these plans are based on the inch as the unit of length, you can convert them to use millimeters using the Segmented Project Planner.

AcuMiter™ Table Saw Sled Plan. With this plan you can make yourself a truly accurate miter sled so you can cut first class segments for your rings that you don't have to send time touching up to get a perfect ring. A notable feature of this sled is that adding a new miter angle to your repertoire is quick and cheap!
Colorado Anniversary. This plan, provided by Mark Lisowski, produces a good looking open segment piece.Colorado Anniversary Segmented Vase
Inlaid Cup. This plan can be used to constuct a simple cup that uses a Segment Design/Mosaic to form a dramatic ring around the cup. Of course, it's not that simple when you consider the total number of pieces involved. The total is 384 pieces if the ring is built from all of its individual parts. It's only 204 pieces if you take advantage of the design to use fewer parts. Segmented Cup with Mosaic Design
Globe Bowl. This plan was the test piece for the AutoBowl function. It's mated with a 12" white globe to make a lamp which you can see in the Gallery section. You can follow along with me as I constructed this piece in the What's Up section. Segmented Globe Lamp
6" hemisphere bowl. This item, makes a good looking salad bowl set.6 in. Segmented Hemisphere Bowl
10" hemisphere bowl. This, mixing bowl sized, item works well by itself or together with a set of smaller 6" bowls..10 in. Segmented Salad Mixing Bowl
10" mixing bowl. This bowl has simple straight sides angled out at about 45 degrees.10 in. Segmented Salad Bowl
11" inverted hemisphere. This is a display or serving piece that is the foundation for the swirl bowl in my Gallery section.Segmented Inverted Hemisphere
Complex Curves Bowl. Here is another display piece that's fun to watch as it develops.
Complex Curves Bowl-2. When I constructed "Complex Curves" for the What's Up section, I played fast and loose with some of the details of the plan and got an unexpected result. This plan is what I actually constructed. Segmented Vase with Complex Curves
Cookie Jar. This jar, you can see it constructed in the What's Up section, was my first plan made entirely with the Segmented Project Planner.Segmented Cookie Jar
Hyperbolic Bowl. I didn't know what a hyperbolic bowl was, so I asked the author, David Kassover, to send it to me. Interesting!
Simple Cup. I thought the Inlaid Cup was a little bit much as my first project using Segment Designs, so I simplified it, constructed it, and you can see the result in the Gallery section.
Spittoon. Here's a playful piece borrowed from the old West.Segmented Spittoon

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