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Segmented Turning?

Design your first segmented project in 5 minutes with the Segmented Project Planner

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Advanced Segmented Turning Instruction

Five days of one-on-one instruction during which time I will endeavor to pack your brain with everything I've learned about segmented turning during the past ten years. Yes, just five days. That's enough time to completely develop, construct, turn, and finish a very respectible looking, original segmented project.

The topics stressed will depend on your individual needs, but the list on the right shows what you can expect we'll deal with as we create a segmented design, put it all together, turn it, and even finish it.

I'll provide you access/use/instruction for all the needed equipment, supplies, and even lunch every day. The cost for this five day marathon is $750.

In Santa Rosa, there are several inns, motels, and hotels where you can rest up at the end of each day. The days start at 9am and go until we run out of steam about 4:30pm. And, there are all kinds of restaurants and other places where you can get your breakfasts and dinners.

Give me a call at (805) 489-5309 so we can talk about the details. I do advance work for each student so the steps to that next plateau in segmented turning are ready for you when you arrive. Although I can accommodate almost any skill level, you'll get the most out of our time if you're reasonably proficient on the lathe.
Though I'll tailor the week's activities to your needs as much as possible, you can expect we will cover all of these areas:
  • Designing a Project – We'll go through all the features and options of the Segmented Project Planner along the way
  • Selecting Your Materials – Grain orientation and effects, color, wood quality
  • Preparing Your Materials – Ripping, re-sawing, surfacing and/or dimensional sanding and the special needs of sandwiched construction and mosaics
  • Cutting Rings – Accurate and repeatable segment cutting
  • Feature Rings – Methods of construction
  • Gluing Rings – Gluing and clamping a segmented ring as a perfect circle and eliminating gaps in the glue joints
  • Flattening Rings – 
  • Mounting Your Piece for Turning – How a scroll chuck really works, a bottom that will stay intact, chisel usage
  • Stacking up the Project – Stack a little, turn a little; advantages and disadvantages, more chisel work.
  • Sanding Your Project – Getting the most out of sandpaper and how far to go in the grits
  • Finishing – Getting that mirror finish with minimum color change

Here is a beautiful piece created by one of our Students, using the Segmented Project Planner

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