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The Navaho blanket border pattern is a popular target for advanced segmenters. It's a spot where they really get to show off their joinery skills.

In fact, last year I started to create such a design myself. But a few things got in the way and I had a lot of time to think about the process of making such a design. The result of all that rumination is the Diamond Border Designer!

Now you can take on the blanket border challenge and much more! Use the Diamond Border designer to create the blanket border, and to create many, many variations on that theme.

You define a Lamination Board that creates the diamond with no border, single border, multiple borders, whatever. Then you slice the diamond, flip the slices, and re-assemble. With all those variables to work with, the possibilities are almost limitless. It just takes imagination and some available stock.

The Diamond Border designer is a Plug-In that can be operated from the Segmented Project Planner. The primary result of your design session is a report you can take to the workshop and start construction. You also get a picture of the design you can use to "paint" segments within an SPP project. The designer has a complete help file system that includes detailed instructions on how to make your own sliced diamond pattern.

The design parameters for the active row of your project are displayed in the upper-left corner for easy reference while you tune your design to fit the segment sizing of that ring.

diamond border designer dialog

Diamond Border Designer License - $12.00

Before license purchase & registration, only the help system is fully usable.

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Page Last Updated: 8/27/2016