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Design your first segmented project in 5 minutes with the Segmented Project Planner. Plus free plans, hints&tips, wood costs and more.
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It's nearly 2 hours of video covering the whole segmented process and I've already sent out 1259 copies. Here is a brief description of what is covered:

  • Design (using Segmented Project Planner) - 22:33
  • Feature Ring Construction - 28:49
  • Material Selection & Preparation - 3:37
  • Segment Cutting - 6:09
  • Ring Gluing - 7:22
  • Ring Flattening - 1:55
  • Mounting on the Lathe - 7:02
  • Stacking & Turning - 22:01
  • Finishing - 13:32

For more detail, on my DVD and its contents, click here.

DVD USA - $25.95
First Class USA 2 - 7 days

DVD non USA- $36.00
First Class 1 -2 weeks
Picture of the Segmented Project DVD

Please note that this is an all-zones NTSC format DVD and it cannot be played on systems that only accept PAL recordings. Customers in North America, Central America, and Northern and Western countries of South America should have no problems.
Customers in Brazil, Argentina, Africa, Europe, and Asia will not be able to play the DVD unless they have taken steps to be able to use NTSC media.
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Customer Comments

Is my segmented project video worth looking at? A look at some of the comments I've received (read below) tells me people like it.

Just a quick note to tell you that I put your SPP DVD into my computer to 'browse' the contents, but I ended up watching the entire program from start to finish. I thought your organization, writing, performance, post-processing and every other aspect of your efforts were astounding. T.F.

I first saw your video mentioned in More Woodturning in the 7/07 issue if I recall correctly. It took me a long time to order it because I expected I'd be paying just for a sales pitch for the software and book. Of course you mentioned them both but not objectionably so I'm glad I finally ordered it. J.M.

Your two hour presentation on segmented wood turning was exellent, especially for beginning segmented wood turners. Even for us seasoned turners there was always something to learn as well. It was super. P.O.

Have just been able to look at the beginning of the DVD. Will watch it in full this weekend. It looks good, especially the opening demo on using the Segmented Planner. Nothing like a visual to get it in perspective. R.L.

Our in house demonstrator was a no-show last evening so we watched your new DVD. Great job, we all enjoyed it very much. I'm happy to have this in my library. R.D.

I received your video in record time. I viewed it last night and found it well done and very informative. J.W.

I enjoyed your DVD. It is the best one of the "How To" ones I have ever seen. You did some neat tricks in it. B.B.

First viewing of the Segment Bowl DVD last night. We have needed this for a very long time. I feel I will learn much from this DVD. F.H.

Excellent DVD. J.C.

Many thanks for an excellent video and such prompt service. J.M.

I thought I would let you know what great job you have done on your new DVD. I have been fooling around with segmented turning for more than a year and have not learned as much as I did with your DVD in two hours. You solved many of the problems I have encountered in my segmented turning in just a couple hours. You have made my hobby much more enjoyable, I thank you. C.B.

I had a chance to watch most of your video last night. Learned a few neat tips and now will use the video along side the software on my computer to follow a few steps and procedures I never could figure out. Thanks for a great job. B.H.

I and a fellow woodturner have watched your DVD and from first impressions it looks like it will be of use to us. K.L.

I want to thank you for the excellent DVD. The content is's easy to understand, your delivery is perfect (I enjoy your sense of humor...I was grinning within the first few minutes of watching), and the photography makes it easy to see what you're doing. The coverage is one of the most impressive things about it, even helping me to know how to use the software, and then taking me all the way through to how to build a rotating device so I can finish the project without sags and runs. I watched the whole thing in one sitting on the first night... K.J.

Nice job on the DVD, I have watched it twice already and along with the planner it is fairly easy to follow... D.L.

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