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Segmented Turning?

Design your first segmented project in 5 minutes with the Segmented Project Planner

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The Segmented Project Planner has several advanced designers that can be used to add pizazz to your projects. And, if you have SPP version 3.04 or later, they're already on your computer! Adding a new complex segment design capability to your installation of SPP is as simple as purchasing a license (only $12US) and registering your license with SPP. There currently are 307 people using these advanced designers.

Each designer is fully integrated with SPP and uses project information from SPP plus design inputs from you to create a specific type of complex segment design. Each designer is accessed via the SPP menu using Edit|Designers. Access to help for each designer is via the SPP menu using Help|Designers. The help system for each designer is fully usable, without purchasing the license, so you can learn all about each one before jumping in. Currently, there are five such designers:

Diamond Border Designer Create a Diamond using the lamination board technique, slice it, flip over each slice, and re-assemble. Slice and saw kerf width adjustments create many different results from the same Diamond and the gamut of Diamonds is limitless.
Slicer Designer Slice virtually any object you've already made, or intend to, such as previously made zigzags, stacked sawings, and diamonds. Slice and saw kerf are fully asjustable to create many different results from the same source image.
Diamond Designer This is the Diamond Designer that comes as a part of SPP (no license purchase required). You create a Diamond using the lamination board technique where you start with slices cut at a fixed angle, flip over alternate slices, and re-assemble. Then cut in half and slide to create the diamonds.
ZigZag Designer This is the ZigZag Designer that comes as a part of SPP (no license purchase required). The process starts with defining a lamination board and then slicing at an angle, 2 slices per zigzag. Then flip over alternate slices and glue pairs together to make zigzag units.
Segmented Scene Designer This designer works directly with the colors used to paint the segments in the current project and displays the rings unrolled into a flat sheet so you can create a scene out of appropriately chosen wood colors.

navaho border pattern

sliced circle glue-up


ZigZag Design

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