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Segmented Turning?

Design your first segmented project in 5 minutes with the Segmented Project Planner

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So, you've designed and constructed an absolutely gorgeous segmented project, and you'd like to sell it. But what's the selling price? You could lick your thumb, hold it up in the air to see which way the wind blows. But there's a more precise method. A cost model, tailored to your methods, is that more precise method.

The SPP Cost Model is a good example. It's table driven model that is fully tailorable to your exact construction methods. It's also detailed to include all the significant cost elements present in a segmented turning project. I've been using and maintaining it for costing my own projects for several years.

The model is composed of 3 major pieces:

Ring Labor Factors

Ring Labor Factors are the principle elements of the model. The 6 columns correspond to the 6 types of rings that can be included in a segmented turning project. The rows of the grid are the 13 activities that can be included in the construction-life of a ring and in the interior cells we have a cost factor value for each layer type and activity. Each cost factor gives the time (in minutes) required that ring type and activity.

Note that some of the cost factors are completely grayed out. That's because an activity does not relate to a specific ring type. If you think such a cell should have a valuem checking the Full Edit box enables editing the grayed out cells.

Each and every one of the labor cost factors can be modified to fit your project construction methods for each of the 6 types of rings supported by the Segmented Project Planner.

How do they work? The UsageNotes column describes how each factor weighs in on the final cost numbers.

Project Cost Factors

Project Cost Factors are the second piece of the model. They include the project level cost elements:
  • cost of labor
  • cost of glue
  • cost of finish materials
  • labor needed for 6 types and styles of finish

Again each of these cost elements can be modified to agree with your construction methods.

Project Cost

Project Cost is the final piece is the cost model. It applies each cost factor to each ring/layer according to the specifics of that layer, and does the same for the project level cost factors. When everything is computed, you have the itemized cost of all labor and materials for the project.

All costs presented in this dialog are modifiable to account for oddities of any particular project. Each such change is displayed in Red so you'll always be able to identify them for later adjustments in your cost factors.

When you print this dialog, the program also prints a picture of the side view of your project.

The SPP Project Cost Model is installed along with all other elements of the Segmented Project Planner, so if your installation is up to date it's already in place. If not, then installing the current upgrade will make it available. From the first time you exercise the Project Cost screen, you have 30 days to try it out for yourself before paying $12.00USD for the license.

SPP Cost Model License - $12.00

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