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10/10/2017 - Late breaking news!!

We're in the middle of the Wine Country fires, living from moment to moment and waiting to find out if we still have a home. In the mean time, download orders will proceed normally but mailing something is a problem (can't get to the products). We hope all is resolved within the next day or two.

Segmented Turning?

Design your first segmented project in 5 minutes with the Segmented Project Planner

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It's nearly 2 hours of video covering the whole segmented process and I've already sent out 1292 copies. Here is a brief description of what is covered:

  • Design (using Segmented Project Planner) - 22:33
  • Feature Ring Construction - 28:49
  • Material Selection & Preparation - 3:37
  • Segment Cutting - 6:09
  • Ring Gluing - 7:22
  • Ring Flattening - 1:55
  • Mounting on the Lathe - 7:02
  • Stacking & Turning - 22:01
  • Finishing - 13:32

For more detail, on my DVD and its contents, click here.

DVD USA - $25.95
First Class USA 2 - 7 days

DVD non USA- $39.00
First Class 1 -2 weeks
Picture of the Segmented Project DVD
Please note that this is an all-zones NTSC format DVD and it cannot be played on systems that only accept PAL recordings.

Customers in North America, Central America, and Northern and Western countries of South America should have no problems.

Customers in Brazil, Argentina, Africa, Europe, and Asia will not be able to play the DVD unless they have taken steps to be able to use NTSC media.

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