4/03/2021 Version 3.05.0185 is now available.

9/03/20 The Post Office and I have come to an agrement. I can send stamped parcels so long as they are less than 1/2 inch thick. CDs fit that description.

2/1/20 In my opinion, the MiterSet tool is the easiest to use, most accurate way to set up miter angles for cutting segments on the table saw. No more hours spent in calibration. No more fixing "gaposis". During a recent 5-day class, we cut 19 more perfect rings; a BIG time saver. Click here to visit miterset.com and learn all about it.

Segmented Turning

How to use SPP

Design your first segmented project in 5 minutes with the Segmented Project Planner

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How to use the Segmented Project Planner

Below are links to several videos I've created to help you understand how the Segmented Project Planner is used to design a segmented project.

1. Shape-A-Bowl: Use a sketch pad to create a project shape and then generate your segmented project with a specific height, width, etc. Click for Video.
2. Sketch-A-Bowl: Push and pull on the walls of a pre-defined shape to achieve the project form you want and then generate the segmented project with a click. Click for Video.
3. Main Dialog: Project grid, top, and side views, and lots of menu selections give total control over all project design features. Click for Video.
4. AutoBowl: Specify the turned wall thickness you want and let the program set that up for all layers in your project. Click for Video.
5. Layer Tuner: Fine tune the layers of your project prior to adding decorations/adornments. Click for Video.
6. Decorating with Solid Colors: Use segments of differing colors of wood to create designs on your project. Click for Video.
7. Decorating with ZigZags: Defining and using 1st generation laminations for project decoration. Click for Video.
8. Decorating with Diamonds: Defining and using 2nd generation laminations for project adornment. Click for Video.
9. You Create a Decoration: Use a drawing or picture of something you will construct as a decoration. Click for Video.
10. Create a Mosaic Decoration: Use or create a mosaic pattern with up to 10 rows and 10 columns. Click for Video.
11. Open Segments - Vertical Spacers: Including Open Segments and/or Vertical Spacers in your segmented project. Click for Video.

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