It has been several months since I purchased your segmented turning software, ( I have to say it is GREAT). I have made several items using the software...
Marvin S.

Dear Bill, I want to thank you for creating a product that is easy to use and understand. I've had the Segmented Project Planner for almost a year now. I think I've made a dozen or so bowls, thanks again.
David C.

Thank you for the great work you have done with your book and the SPP. I'm already applying some of your suggested techniques for my next bowl.
Tom J.

Thought I would write and let you know what I have been doing with your computer program. I constantly use it for designing bowls and projects. ... Your program has been central to my success. Thank you ... for all your support.
Loren H.

I like your program and the book. The program does everything expected with ease, and the book is a great reference even though I have experienced a bood bit of the tips and cautions enumerated. ... I was reluctant to Bill Gates my Mac. After a recent check and noting the latest improvements, I relented and purchased Virtual PC in order to run SPP. After much frustration coupled with language abuse I finally got the thing to run the program, the printer, and talk to the outside world. Now I am glad I went through the exercise.
Lee Blanchard

Interesting news on the educational front. Jim Buker, who has taught woodworking for 24 years is an instructor in Mansfield, OH and has been using the Segmented Project Planner with his woodturning students. The students really like being able to visualize their final product before beginning a project. Since his initial personal purchase, Jim has obtained authorization from the Ontario Local Schools to purchase a 13 seat license to provide for expanding his efforts with the students.

And Jim Burgoon, an industrial arts instuctor at two schools in Lubbock, TX has purchased a 10 seat license to allow his students to use the program. Jim will get things rolling for the Spring 2005 term.

I LOVE the software and the way it has evolved. One of our clients was just telling me yesterday how much they loved the bowls I have created with it. These bowls will be selling in a new store in Chambly, Quebec soon. So the software pays for itself very quickly! Thanks again! David Stephenson David@Chamblywoodcrafts.com

Just want to thank you for a great program. It was just what I was looking for and more, also like your What's Up page; that's a bonus. I found your program by searching for segmented turnings; your name and program came up.

There is always a way to do things, but your program makes it a lot easier.

Erik Ahle

I had run into a simular problem with size of cuts and angles needed to put together segmented bowls. It was a lot of hit and miss guess-work for me and at Christmas time I found a software program at www.segmentedturning.com (SPP) that was easy to use and understand, with excellent support. I have now been constructing segmented bowls at a much faster rate with no errors. I have many projects going at different stages and use this program exclusively to help with my designs.
J. Shenk

I'm very impressed with your software. It is going to help out tremendously with my projects. Looks like you've got a winner here!
D. B.

It's the kind of program (SPP) that deserves mentioning. It's handy, creative, easy to learn, accurate, and just plain fun to use. ... I tend to be more of a feature ring kind of guy and really appreciate what the program allows me to do there. In fact, I've probably got way more projects planned with it than I'll ever be able to turn, but I've enjoyed just sitting down at the computer and playing around with the possibilities.
Bob Way

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your prompt messages supporting your Segmented Project Planner program. I have spent some time working with the program and my first impressions found it to be very "Computer friendly; the instructions are concise & the help easy to comprehend. Your program is a breeze compared to using Turbocad V6.5: far quicker than the traditional method and your results provided all the information required for any project.
M. C.

Software arrived today and I loaded it up tonight. WOW!!!!!!! Am I impressed. What a GREAT tool. In nothing flat I have mapped dozen bowls to turn. And - it was FUN. Yes sir, a real winner. Thanks a million.
Richard E.

This program is a must for all serious segmented bowl turners. Makes paper and pencil obsolete. Actually design the bowl on your computer and know that every segment will be exact. Basic program was excellent, and regular updates and enhancements are an added bonus. I had trouble with last update and Bill patiently walked me thru sucessful download. I recommend highly!
George Sharman
Clanton, AL

I have really enjoyed using it (Segmented Project Planner) already and I have had it less than 24 hours. For one thing it motivated me to finally try segmented turning... It made the layout very easy to understand and digest. But the main thing I appreciate about this program is the visual display of all the measurements and being able to see the proposed turning... Great program all around!
Phil R.

I received your program day before yesterday and am extremely pleased. I have started to make my first bowl with your plans.
Ed K.

I have used the Segmented Project Planner with great success. It has cut my time spent designing segmented woodturnings. It has increased my productivity, and allowed me to reduce my labor costs. It paid for itself with the first vase I designed by allowing me to do an 8-12 hour task in just over an hour. Bill Kandler also stands behind his software and offered me technical support when I needed it.
Travis N.

Your program goes much further into real world assembly and turning. Many segmented web sites leave out a lot of little important details that are necessary information into the basics.
John M.

Thanks for the update. I took my laptop to our latest woodturners guild meeting and 1 or 2 said that they might order it... I've done some calculations and like what I see. I'm off to Vegas on the 28th , but when I'm back I plan to start cutting.
Don B.

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