Shipping Costs are Always Included in the Price

If you purchase the download of the program's installation package, there is no shipping charge. After all, you're doing all the work.

If you purchase any other item (CD, Book, DVD, Library, Truncated Cone, etc.) the shipping cost is already included. For some items, that are a little heavier, the shipping cost is higher for foreign destinations than to a place in the US, so you'll find separate purchase buttons for US versus foreign destinations.

With the exception of Media Mail shipping of my book by itself, all US shipments are made using First Class postage, which becomes Priority Mail when the weight reaches 2 pounds. All foreign shipments are made using First Class International (air mail).

Delivery times are often as short as 3 days but will stretch out to as much as 2 weeks if you are far enough away from California.

Nothing complex; I like to keep things simple.

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