We use only safe credit card processing methods

I use RegNow (a part of Digital River) and PayPal as my internet payment mechanisms. Both of their processes use coded transmission of your critical financial information to keep it safe from prying eyes and would-be hackers. It is the recognized policy of both of these companies never to divulge your personal information to other parties.

With RegNow, you can pay via Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discovery credit cards world-wide. For an extra fee, you can use the telephone or FAX to place your order. Their program download function is super reliable. click here to learn more about Register Now.

With PayPal, you just need an email address to conveniently send payments online. Their network accepts your existing bank account and/or credit cards, so it's actually more flexible than regular credit card processing. The credit cards accepted by PayPal are Visa, Master Card, Discovery, and Amex. International sales are supported to over 55 countries. You can click here to learn more about PayPal from a recognized E-Commerce expert.

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