Segmented Turning?

How does Segmented Project Planner Compare with other Designers?
Single, Integrated Product Four Separate Products
Function / Cost Segmented Project Planner 3D Design Pro Woodturner Pro Segment Pro Lamination Pro
Cost $36.95 - $88.95 Free $69 - $99 $69 - $99 $69
Feasability Report: Can you build it? Yes No No No n/a
Do / UnDo / ReDo: Can you recover from mistakes? Yes No No No No
Sketch/Profile creation/modification: Can you change existing shapes or create new ones? Yes Yes No Yes n/a
Sketch/Profile orientation change: Can you re-orient shape for evaluation of quality? Yes Yes No No n/a
Sketch/Profile quality guidance: Can you evaluate shape against the Golden Mean? Yes Yes Yes Yes n/a
Sketch/Profile save and recall: Can you save your shape for later re-use? Yes Yes No Yes n/a
Create Sketch/Profile from project: Can you create a shape from an existing project? Yes No No No n/a
Open Segment / Vertical Spacer: Can you include open segments and/or vertical spacers? either or both n/a either either n/a
Simple/Complex segment painting: Can you see what complex segments look like in your project? Yes n/a Yes Yes n/a
Color Themes: Can you use/tailor-make color themes? No n/a No Yes n/a
Diamonds: Can you design diamonds? Yes n/a No No Yes
ZigZags: Can you design zigzags? Yes n/a No No Yes
Diamond Border: Can you design diamond border segments? Yes n/a No No No
Slicer: Can you design segments using slicing? Yes n/a No No No
Mosaic: Can you create mosaic segments? Yes n/a No No No
Segmented Scene: Can you create segmented scene views? Yes n/a No Yes n/a
Shape Report: Can you produce shape report in support of non-segmented work? Yes Yes No No n/a
Angle Template: Can you get help in setting up specific angles? Yes n/a No No n/a
Project Document: Can you create a document describing your project? Yes n/a No No n/a
Ring Master Support: Can you design projects for the Ring Master? Yes n/a No No n/a
Convert Rings to Frame Miter, Compound Miter, or Ring Master: Can You do That? Yes n/a No No n/a
Feature Size Assistance: Can you get help in sizing a feature? Yes n/a No No n/a
Volume Calculation: Can you get the volume of your project for sizing cremation vessels? Yes n/a No No n/a
Total Project Cost Modeling? Yes No No Yes No

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